What is Positivity

(by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum)

Viewing from the point of leadership, administration and decision-making, after reading many books and meeting a few specialists on the topic, I have concluded that everyone defines positivity based on their first-hand experience I have gained through my work and I feel that it might be the most relevant interpretation of the term regards to administration and leadership.

Positivity, simply put, has to do with a person’s perspective on matters. It is the pair of glasses through which a person views the world and its challenges, the future, the people around him or her and, indeed, life in general. If the glasses are dark, you will see the challenges as overbearing, the future as inauspicious and the people around you as suspect. You will see the world as full of disasters, catastrophes and evil.

With a positive outlook, you will see challenges as opportunities, the future full of success and people packed with potential, abilities, talent and goodness. You will see the world as full of achievement and happiness, a place that is rapidly advancing and developing. This positive outlook gives us energy for work, achievement, activity, self-confidence and enthusiasm; it generates inner happiness. We call this “positive energy”.

Allow me to illustrate the meaning of positivity with a conversation I had with some friends. We were in the desert as the temperature started to rise. I pointed to the landscape and asked them: “What do you see?”

They found the question strange and some started to reply: “a barren of desert”, “no water or plants”, “sand atop sand”, dunes after dunes”. The best answer was, “It is the land of our fathers, and forefathers, the soil of the motherland that we love and protect”. Then they asked me, how I view it.

I said to them: “I have two different perspectives, one as a poet and the other as a leader. As a poet, it is a source of inspiration, a place to reflect and a space to think and contemplate.

“Positivity is the pair of glasses through which a person views the world.”

His Highness Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai

(from book Reflections on Happiness and Positivity)

Motivation vs Discipline


is a starter and a sprint runner.

It helps you to start new things.

To bring new ideas to life.

To invent something new.


is your mentor and a marathon man.

It keeps you moving.

It supervises your goals.

It keeps track of deadlines .

It turns your dreams to goals and goals to results.

If you keep both of these perks and nurture them as your best allies, you will be


What keeps us going…


is what gets you started


is what keeps you going


is what gives it all a meaning



is what gives you peace of mind while doing it

and also after you are DONE WITH IT.

How to feel good and keep doing the right things

Man, this is strong:


is what get you started


is what keeps you going


is what gives it a meaning


CHARACTER (and alignment with you own moral values)

is what gives you PEACE OF MIND

while doing it and (maybe even more important),

after you are done with it.

Nothing to add.

This is really good.