Little technological miracle – MUSE 2

Guys, for a start, I am not in any way connected to the product, neither the company behind it. Nor am I a reseller. I just want to share some good experience with you.

As I stated in my another article I have never been a big fan of meditation. I tried it several times, I googled its positives, I knew it is the best and most efficient way to calm down mind, soul and my whole life.

But I just was not patient enough and every time I tried, I failed.

Then I have read about MUSE. The source of information was quite trustworthy to me, so I checked it online. What I have found convinced me to give it a try, although the device was not just cheap (something over 200 EUR / USD).

You can find more information on producer’s website here.

At first, I thought it is just some fancy gadget with very good marketing.

Big mistake.

Since I started to use, I love it.

And trust, me, you do not please me easily, in any way, I am quite demanding person 😉

So, what does MUSE 2 do?

Basically, it comes with iPhone application (called Muse 🙂 ) and it helps you to meditate.

The device itself measures your movement, heart rate, breathing, but most importantly, your brain waves (simply said). Muse is sending data to the app.

In app, you choose your session and start to listen to guided meditation.

The point is – the device and the app communicate instantly and when Muse register that your mind is being distracted, the weather and music you hear from the application, becomes more intense and louder, so you have immediate feedback.

In other words, It is like to be hooked on EEG (electroencephalogram machine), with a meditation guru as a guide sitting next to you, both helping you to feel calm and relaxed.

The app has of course a lot of options and sessions, so you can find the right one, suiting you the best. And it is made in funny, but not intrusive way to keep you coming back to use it and to get used to meditation.

I have been trying this personally for a month, and I can only recommend Muse for everyone who wants to (start) meditate and is failing or does not know how or where to start.

I have to say honestly that this is the only way I know so far, which taught me how to meditate. Thumbs up, guys.