Welcome to Life 2.0

Hi guys,

I am still not perfectly sure about actual concept and future content of this page.

I only know I want to:

  • share what I have learnt so far in my life with people who want to learn something from “older” people
  • bring something meaningful to millennials, in contrast to shallow and empty wanna-be influencers
  • state my own progress  of restarting my own life in age of 40, because I finally came to conclusion I have been living it not so well so far
  • bring some fun, light, meaning and wisdom of much more clever people than me to my and your life

So wish me luck…

I suppose, at the end of the day, we all will be better in some way. The journey of everz one of us will be different, and thus it will be  much more interesting.

As Sam Hunt sings, Let’s see where it goes…

Admin @Think.befree


Wildfit – Day 78 (Monday) – day 81 (Thursday)

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Who we are

Just a couple of people, who like to select good quality information from bullshit social media content. And who want to spread wisdom and resourceful ideas to make your life better.



Cheers… 🙂